Are You Putting off a Visit to the Dentist?


Nervous? Procrastinator?


Here at Beale & Cullen Dental our promise to you is "We will take great care of you."

So many people are scared of going to the dentist for a multitude of different reasons IMG 2677

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Missing Teeth...Stop Hiding Your Smile!


Do you feel self conscious about your missing teeth?

Maybe you find yourself hiding your smile with your hand or not smiling in photos.

Often we find patients who replace missing teeth saying to us, "I can smile again! I'm not self conscious anymore."

Read more of our blog to find out some of the options we can offer you to stop you hiding your smile.

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Why We Are Switching To Water

Here at Beale & Cullen Dental the team are making the conscious choice to switch to water. Quite reasonably some of our patients ask us why, so we have gathered some frightening facts about sugary drinks to back up our choices.Switch To Water Logo-0-320-0-0

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How Can I Make My Teeth Look Whiter?

Woman with hand over mouth

Whitening your teeth can be very simple and here at Beale & Cullen Dental we believe identifying the cause of the discolouration is the first step in finding the right whitening system for our patients.

That's why at our Free Tooth Whitening Consultation we'll ask you a few questions and get an understanding of what has been going on in your mouth so we can tailor a whitening solution just for you.

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Worried about Bad Breath... Don’t Forget To Clean Your Tongue!

A HEALTHY TONGUE is incredibly important for a healthy mouth. As dentists  we know we talk a lot about your teeth and gums, but we couldn’t talk about anything let alone taste or swallow without that amazing muscle, the tongue.

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