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What We Do

Our patients love the time we spend getting to know them and understanding their dental needs and wants


  • New Patient Exam

Our patients love the time we spend getting to know them and understanding their dental needs and wants.

Your first appointment may take longer than you are used to as we get to know you and understand your concerns. Dentistry has changed so much over the last few years and there are so many more options to consider. We never tell people what they must do but explain all the options and support whatever treatment our patients choose.


  • Active Maintenance Programme

Routine care of your teeth is the only way to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy and that you maintain that beautiful smile.

We believe that early disease detection is critical in order for our patients to maintain optimum oral health. We encourage all of our patients to have regular dental check-ups which enable us to minimise treatment and maintenance procedures.Together we help you maintain your optimal dental health with regular active maintenance appointments at an interval determined by your dentist especially for you.


  • Tooth Whitening

Brighten your smile in one easy appointment

Tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. We use safe, gentle and proven products to whiten your smile in surgery or you may prefer our home-whitening option. Call us for a free tooth whitening consultation to begin your transformation.


  • Cerec Fillings and Crowns

High tech one visit ceramic crowns and fillings restore strength while removing unsightly amalgam

Over twenty years of study on this material proves its longevity is comparable to gold, the original long lasting dental material. Cerec restorations are a simple and convenient way of restoring strength to teeth that have been weakened by old amalgam fillings.

Composite filling material may be the right solution for you

White fillings can be bonded to your tooth using special dental adhesives. These look great and function brilliantly in some circumstances. Your dentist will be able to let you know if a bonded white filling is the right restoration for you.


  • Veneers

Enhance crooked and chipped front teeth with these tiny works of art

Veneeers are crafted to fit exactly over the front of your minimally prepared teeth and may be just the solution to light up your smile. Your dentist will help you decide if veneers are the right solution for you.

Sometimes a decayed, heavily filled or traumatised tooth requires root canal treatment to relieve pain or infection. Once diagnosed as the appropriate treatment for you we will prioritise your care to minimise discomfort and restore you to dental health.


  • Periodontal (Gum) Treatment

Gum disease progresses painlessly and silently

More than 80% of adults have gum disease and many are unaware of the long term problems it can cause. Recent research has linked gum disease to heart disease and strokes so when we diagnose and treat your gum disease we not only improve your dental health we improve your general health as well!


  • Implants

Only you will know it’s not your own tooth

In situations from one lone missing tooth to multiple missing teeth we can restore both appearance and function using titanium implants.These implants integrate into the jaw bone and are then restored with a ceramic crown blended perfectly to match your remaining teeth. Ask your dentist if an implant is right for you.


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Are You Putting off a Visit to the Dentist?
  Nervous? Procrastinator?   Here at Beale & Cullen Dental our promise to you is "We will take great care of you." So many people are scared of going to the dentist for a multitude of different reasons 

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393 Papanui Road
Christchurch 8052

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+64 3 354 5450

We have recently relocated to our fabulous new practice with easy access and onsite parking. Our great team is committed to providing exceptional dental care to all our patients.

New patients welcome!

Our Team

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Richard has been a dentist since graduating from University of Otago in 1988. He worked in several North Island practices before moving to Christchurch in 1998. Richard is passionate about dentistry and loves using new technology to provide you with the best dental care...



In 1991 Louisa graduated from University of Otago, then spent a year as a Dental House Surgeon at Wellington Hospital before a move to Auckland where she gained experience in a variety of dental practices and returned to Christchurch in 1998...